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What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit, the Chiropractor will take a detailed review of your medical history before carrying out a thorough physical examination. This examination will normally include a postural evaluation, orthopaedic testing, a neurological examination, muscle testing, palpation of various muscles and joints and a specific examination of the spine. If your Chiropractor considers it necessary, you may also have x-rays taken or he/she may recommend an ultrasound examination of the area of complaint.


Once the Chiropractor has studied all the information, he will then be able to give you a report of his findings based on a working diagnosis (this may be on the second visit if you've had x-rays or an ultrasound examination), discuss them with you and then recommend a programme of care specifically suited to your needs.


What to wear

During your first appointment you will probably need to change down to your underwear for physical examination. Ladies are always provided with a fresh gown. On subsequent visits you will usually be treated with your clothes on. For this reason, it is advisable to wear loose clothing. A tracksuit or something similar is ideal.

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